Congratulations to our "Volunteer of the Year" Nominee, Sharon Arsenault!

Sharon has been an phenomenal volunteer and we call her our "Fairy Godmother" because she goes the extra mile for FUNding working families to make sure that our families have everything they need for their first magical family trip to Disney World! We are so proud to announce Sharon's nomination for the Nonprofits First "Volunteer of the Year" Award! It is well deserved!!


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Support Working Families

Funding Working Families is a 501c(3) nonprofit charity. Our mission is to provide inspiring theme park vacations to underprivileged children and their hard working families. 

According to the US Census Bureau the 2017 poverty threshold for a household of 2 adults and 2 children is an annual income of $24,858. These families are working but unable to afford a much needed family vacation that many of us enjoy yearly. 


"I would have never been able to afford a trip to Disney for me and Justin without the help of Funding Working Families" - Stephanie

Stephanie is a single mom who is a member of Families First. She works for a detox center to provide for her 10yr old son, Justin who is full of life and an exceptional artist.


         Justin's First Disney Vacation



Funding Working Families has postponed our 2020 and 2021 Stronger Families Initiative due to the COVID Pandemic. We are eager to send our 5 families who were scheduled to leave for Disney World in March 2020. The safety of our families is our first priority. Our Asset Limited Income Constrained and Employed (ALICE) families do not have the disposable income to take a trip to Disney once the bills are paid and food is on the table.